Good news! Shotgun: Strange Stories Magazine is back in action! The GHOUL is to publish on 19 December 2019. That’ll be such a SCREAM! We’ll call it the start of Volume #2! More information will ARISE as we move along, so keep your eyes POPPED out here and on our social media platforms! Beginning again is such a wonderful thing for the UNDEAD! 


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The first Shotgun Strange Stories issue to go by that name, this magazine, published in 2018, will be available for purchase again soon! Its style is a pulp mag with an EC Comics vibe. It will run in both print and e-publication. Keep an eye out for it in our store! 


Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine published for the first time in 2017. It was the flagship magazine at the time. Its style is a slick sleeve magazine that focuses on horror literature. Copies of this magazine will be in our store as well!  


Here are back issues of the magazine, spanning from 2016 onwards, under the previous name: Shotgun Horror Clips. To read these issues for free, click on the Free Reading link above. To learn more about how they came about, check out the about tab above. To check out the covers below, scroll to the left or right! Enjoy! 

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