Hello writers! 

Submissions are currently: OPEN (Nov. 11 – Nov. 25)

Accepting: Short Stories, Flash Fiction.

Not Accepting: Poetry, non-fiction, art, or fan fiction at this time.

Volume #2, Issue #1

  • Publishing: 19 December 2019
  • 500 to 2,000 words, firm. 
  • Christmas Theme
  • Looking for stories set in winter or around the Christmas holiday!
  • Payment: $10 + Print CC + PDF
    • (print for USA only, unless we make arrangements)

General Guidelines

Shotgun Strange Stories is currently seeking horror stories that fall under any of the sub-genres that currently exist. We look for stories of Terror, Horror, and, of course, the Gross Out. Suspense is a big plus! We are particularly interested in working with new and up-and-coming writers who want the experience of publishing as well as a fun print copy to show for it. That was the reason Shotgun was put out in the first place and we’d like to keep that idea alive.

The vibe of this magazine is a mix between Tales of the Crypt horror comics, Creepshow (the movie or the current show on Shudder via Amazon) and Tales from the Darkside, and various horror anthologies, like Dark Forces, The Dark Descent, Silver Scream, and Prime Evil. Any horror story is welcome at any time! And please, while we all must remain professional, it is important to remember to relax and have fun. That’s what this venue is all about! 

We do not accept stories from the Romance, Westerns, Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Crime genres. We will bend the rules only if an element of horror is involved, but it must be front and center. As an example: a man and a woman fall in love while burying the woman’s current husband alive. That’s great! We are critical of stories with rape, child abuse, and animal abuse. It is a good bet that stories with these acts will be rejected. 

We do accept stories from authors under 18 so long as we get parental consent. We will be doing a “Future of Fear” section where one story slot is dedicated to someone under the age of 18, so you youngsters ought to send in a story! We can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted. If we recieve more than one “Future of Fear” submission, you’ll have some competition! But if you mention “Future of Fear” in your email to us, we’ll be sure to read your work and let you know!  

Questions? Please email:

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Place your name, Paypal Address, and Word Count in the upper left hand corner of your manuscript. 
  • Center title on page (you can add ‘By John Doe’ beneath it if you like).
  • Number your pages (placement does not matter as long as it is there).
  • Single space. 
  • Alignment: Justified. 
  • Underline your italics. 
  • Use Times New Roman, please.

DO NOT: Write your story in the body of your email. Send links to a manuscript hosted on another service. Send manuscripts in documents that cannot be edited. Use fancy colors or fonts–you can use the Courier font if you really, really, really want to, but let’s just leave Wingdings for the editors who take themselves too seriously, alright? 


  • Send your manuscript to:
  • Put your story’s title and word count in the subject line. 
  • Write a few sentences in the body of the email to describe you and/or your work.
  • Manuscripts as attachments only, please. Preferably Microsoft Word. 
  • Send only one submission at a time. 


  • You’ll receive a confirmation letter that your submission was received. 
  • Allow two weeks for an acceptance or a rejection letter. Please ask us about your submission if it has been over two weeks. 
  • Do not respond to a rejection notice unless a personal note is added. 
  • Once accepted, we will fill out and sign a publishing agreement. 
  • First edit: Big Picture Stuff–structure, theme, subject matter.
  • You return changes, if applicable! 
  • Second edit: Meat and Potatoes–grammar, sentence structure, general house keeping. 
  • You return changes, if applicable! 
  • You may receive an early, digital copy (.pdf) of the magazine, to make sure everything is correct. 
  • Publication and Payment! 

You have the right to withdraw a story during this process, for any reason; we also reserve the right to drop you from our publication during this process, due to personal or artistic differences.


Our pay rates vary issue to issue and rates will be disclosed at the time that the issue is announced. I know the current pay is not much. I wish I could pay more, no doubt what each piece deserves. A small venue has the problem of being small and paying small while trying to grow from the ground up. It is not unlike a writer who starts from scratch, having to build a career from that point on. I am proud to say that all profits from sales go back into the magazine. As this venue grows, our pay rates will grow, too. 


  • We do not keep publishing rights to your story once you publish with us. After the issue is released, you are free to submit your story elsewhere. We ask that you wait two months to do so out of courtesy to our publication. 
  • Please note: We do reserve the right to continue to sell your story in the specific issue it is published in (so in two years, if we re-publish a back issue of our magazine, we reserve the right to publish your story that was included in said issue). 
  • Your story may be selected to be in a ‘The Best of…” issue of the magazine. Payment for this selection will be in the form of a free copy (print) of the special issue in which your story appears. You will be notified. You do not have to leave us this right in your publishing agreement and you can turn this opportunity down! We are flexible.